Oh hey 👋 I'm Jordan!

I help online solopreneurs decrease + dominate their daily to do list.


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dog mom | Starbucks regular |  jigsaw puzzler

And when I'm not sipping venti soy chai tea lattes at Starbucks, you can find me helping solopreneurs be smarter with how they spend their time. I've been down this dark alley of online marketing for 5 years - helping 6 & 7-figs with their business backend. And now, I'm teaching my own solopreneur journey of simplistic scheduling to all my single ladies (in business that is...)

What some smart whippersnappers are saying...

"I was overwhelmed with the number of emails I received daily. Even with my level of knowledge of gmail, Jordan taught me so many new tricks. These were not tips I found anywhere else online!"

Beth W

"Jordan is a walking resource of tools, people, services - whatever your next step is!"

Lanie L

"Jordan is a problem solver, an efficiency expert, and a kind hearted genius. If you need help getting your *ish* together, get on her calendar. "

Erin L

"The impact is tremendous for online service provider to show up even more for the clients. But Systems Saved Me also provides valuable education about systems to online providers who know little to nothing about the "tech" in their businesses. "

Yolanda R.

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