186. How to Speed Up Writing Your Sales Page with Amanda Genther

In this episode, we talk about...

  • Amanda’s sales page formula that allows words to flow out of the fingertips of any student / client (hint: she suggests starting with the details then getting to the headlines)
  • Why thorough sales pages are so important to not have to talk in detail with every person who wants to buy your product
  • All of the different sections to consider when writing your sales page & how to craft a story with it
  • How to avoid sounding repetitive while conveying everything buyers need to know to make a decision
  • How to clearly communicate through headers so skimmers can get the main idea quickly
  • Amanda’s easy design tips to keep reader eyes engaged

Tools mentioned in the episode:


About our guest

Amanda is a designer and online marketing strategist who helps female entrepreneurs write, design and launch sales pages that stand out and sell. She is also the host of the Inspired for Action podcast where she shares strategies, tips and advice on how to take imperfect action every day to grow your business. When Amanda’s not at her desk setting up launch funnels and designing sales pages for her clients, she’s probably lounging in her living room with her 2 littles, watching the latest superhero flick (2 boys) or forcing them to watch Gilmore Girls with her for the millionth time.



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