195. How to Find Marketing That Feels Good with Brit Kolo

In this episode, we talk about...

  • Brit’s brainchild marketingpersonalities.com and how to use it to align your marketing style with your personality type 
  • Why you should be figuring out your marketing personality even before your ideal client avatar
  • Common limiting beliefs when it comes to self promotions and marketing and Brit’s framework to overcome them

Tools mentioned in the episode


About our guest

Brit Kolo is the Creator of the Marketing Personality Type™ Framework at MarketingPersonalities.com and the Host of the Marketing Personalities Podcast. Through her framework, designed to match you with your best marketing strategy based on your Myers-Briggs Personality Type, she’s here to shake up your approach to marketing and inspire you to grow your business in a feel-good way. Meet Brit and get ready to go deep, find your true self, and grow that business of yours WITHOUT feeling fake and salesy at MarketingPersonalities.com.


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