197. How to Build a Business with Yourself in Mind First

In this episode, we talk about...

  • How the different Enneagram types tend to build their businesses 
  • Going beyond the surface level to discover your motivation and the “Why” behind your business
  • Why the accomplishments you’re most proud of are a crucial piece to finding the type of business that will resonate best with your life (hint: it’s not necessarily that flashiest accomplishments!)
  • Alyssa’s advice for the art of saying no to things that are not aligned for you and your business

Links mentioned in the episode

  • Coda.io
  • Toby for Google chrome (tab collector)
  • Weava for Google chrome (article highlighter)

About our guest:

Alyssa Patmos has helped quadruple sales for start-ups with her curated brand & messaging strategies and now helps women bet on themselves by designing businesses they love. In addition, Alyssa is the creator of Make it Mentionable, a virtual summit series where she and 10 other entrepreneurs dive deep into the things that no one talks about while building businesses.

When she’s not helping women rewrite the stories they tell themselves and the message they share with others, you can find this NLP certified coach pretending she’s on a cooking show in her kitchen with an empty peanut butter cup wrapper sitting on the counter. Who says dessert can’t come before dinner?


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