201. 3 Steps to Microlaunch And Get the Easy Yes with Maggie Giele

In this episode, we talk about...

  • How Maggie stumbled upon the sweet spot of micro launches and why mastering them is valuable for any online business
  • The importance of your ideal client avatar + how to make the transformation you provide so clear that your ideal client avatar is self selecting for your services
  • Why urgency & scarcity are crucial motivators and how to create them in a positive way that converts

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About our guest:

Maggie Giele, MSc. is an award-winning business coach and marketing strategist, helping fiercely dedicated business owners slay their business dragons and their strategies, and build sustainable, scale-able businesses. Think of her as your wand-waving, spell-casting partner-in-crime to help you carve a path through the magical forest, where Dreamy Clients, business growth, and freedom await.


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