202. How to Get Started with Facebook Ads Even If You've Never Run an Ad Before with Tony Rulli

In this episode, we talk about...

  • Tactical strategies for business owners with smaller budgets who are testing the waters with social ads
  • How to start out with tripwire ads - a free offer that has a thank you page with a small offer + some clever and generic examples 
  • Direct sales straight to cold audiences 😲 - techniques that actually work
  • Quick ideas for mini ads to build your email list
  • Why going live or answering questions on stories regularly helps to convert cold audiences (warm ‘em up! 🔥)

Links / resources mentioned in the episode


About our guest:

Tony Rulli is the Founder and Head of Advertising at Intentional Spark, an online advertising company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses through digital marketing. Focusing on businesses looking to scale beyond 7-figures, Intentional Spark provides full-service ad management that prioritizes extreme communication and transparency. Based in Portland, Oregon, Tony runs Intentional Spark with his wife, Meg, and their Director Of Barketing, Noodles.


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