204. How to Sell on Instagram Without Thousands of Followers or the Infamous Swipe Up with Elise Darma

In this episode, we talk about...

  • Why vanity metrics don’t matter and it’s all about who is engaging with you or your brand
  • Elise’s love for Instagram stories and how to post consistently with her four seasons system - Visibility, Engagement (polls, etc), Lead gen (freebies, etc), Sales 
  • Visibility - hashtags, location sticker in stories, @mention sticker
  • Engagement - 6 story stickers - poll, questions, countdown, slider, quiz, chat, and there’s more coming out! Instagram wants to help people ENGAGE with you!
  • Lead gen - CTA in bio, code in the caption of your post
  • Sales - DM, quizzes / polls for objections 
  • The reminder to not assume people know what you’re selling, that it’s our job as business owners to let them know

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About our guest:

Everyday, business owners spend their time and energy posting on social media with zero return. Elise Darma is an Instagram educator who helps entrepreneurs turn their Instagram account into the next revenue stream in their business.

She hosts no-fluff courses and workshops that cut through the noise when it comes to Instagram marketing – so that you can get the most out of your social media efforts, while freeing up your time to do the work you love.

As an educator, Elise has helped her students earn $967,542.23 in reported revenue from their Instagram efforts, and has led hands-on workshops with industry partners like Later and Teachable.

She’s been featured for her Instagram expertise in publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Brit + Co, Elite Daily and The Everygirl.


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