208. 3 Steps to Create (+ Stick to) Your Content SOP

In this episode, we talk about...

  • Vix’s journey from primary school teacher with a passion for blogging to a blog coach to a wildly successful membership community
  • How living in the mess is part of the process in the beginning
  • Pre-hyping content to let fans know it’s coming 
  • The importance of figuring out how you batch best
  • Hiring for something as personal as outward content

Tools mentioned in the episode


About our guest:

Vix Meldrew is a content creator and personal branding membership community founder. After 6 years as a primary school teacher, Vix left teaching to work on her personal brand full time - winning blogging awards, working with top UK brands and growing a loyal and dedicated audience. She soon moved into coaching other creators how to build their personal brands before launching Grow & Glow - the personal branding membership. In just over a year Grow & Glow has partnered with Pinterest and Shopstyle, welcomed over 500 members and has helped many more creators, creatives, coaches and solopreneurs build stand-out personal brands.


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