209. Accomplish More in 90 Days than you Used to in a Year

In this episode, we talk about...

  • Racheal’s philosophy on planning within a business
  • Setting goals that are actionable and within your control
  • Starting with fewer goals, and prioritizing the follow through / implementation
  • The idea parking lot for what you don’t have the bandwidth for in the moment 
  • The difference between SOP team documents and task management
  • The importance of building in your follow up game
  • Self accountability as an entrepreneur
  • Writing down your top 3 every week - what you WILL get done come hell or high water
  • Racheal’s steps to get more done in 90 days than 1 year

Tools mentioned in the episode


About our guest:

As an award-winning business strategist, host of the Promote Yourself to CEO podcast, and best-selling author, Racheal Cook is on a mission to end entrepreneurial poverty for women. Over the last 10 years she has helped thousands of female entrepreneurs design predictably profitable businesses without the hustle and burnout that doing #allthethings inevitably accomplishes. In fact, Racheal is a sought after speaker on entrepreneurship, marketing, and productivity and has been featured by the US Chamber of Commerce, Forbes Coaching Council, Female Entrepreneur Association, and more. Her real passion, though, is supporting savvy, soulful women as they implement the strategy, systems, and support to uncomplicate their business so they can work less and live more.


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