210. 3 Questions to Jump into Aligned Action

In this episode, we talk about...

  • Kareen recommends journaling on these questions once a month...
  • Question #1 - what are the things that you’ve been doing in your business (past 30 days) that you absolutely love? -- the importance of remembering what you love doing + repeating it as much as you can
  • Question #2 - what are the things that you need to stop doing? -- these could either be things that you delegate, removing steps from a process, etc
  • Question #3 - what do you want to start doing? 
  • Deciding one aligned action you will take in the next 30 days to inch you closer to your goals
  • Scoring how you feel doing every task 1-10 for one week

Tools mentioned in the episode

  • 8x11 piece of paper, draw a grid + a pen :) 
  • Set a reminder to do this every month

About our guest:

CEO of Revampologist with 17+ Years entrepreneurial and executive experience leading and advising industry leaders in companies of all sizes. Clients include trillion dollar companies like BlackRock to Start Up Companies getting ready to launch and scale their business. I approach each business with a lens on People, Process, and Technology and hyper focus on Leadership to move the needle. I believe when you focus on operational optimization, leadership, and creative strategies, your company can survive any market fluctation. When you focus on business growth mastery, you create unstoppable momentum in how you extend your reach and impact your clients. As a seasoned coach/mentor/and start up adviser, I love helping people align with their core values that allow them to thrive, leverage lessons learned, and build habits that keep them in action daily.


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