220. How to 10x Your Email List with JV Webinars

In this episode, we talk about...

  • Cami’s emphasis on simplicity when it comes to websites and list building
  • The importance of getting in front of new audiences to grow your customer base
  • We define what a JV webinar / partnership looks like and strategies to make it work in your service-based business
  • Cami’s pitch strategy to collaborate with connections you already have + business owners in aligned niches
  • The information you want to have prepared / provide when pitching JV webinars 
  • What kind of logistics you can take care of as the webinar presenter, and various options you can give your partner for involvement as a co-host
  • How JV webinars eliminate the need to continuously create new content for your audience
  • The mental traps Cami had to overcome to gain confidence in JV webinars (why world someone with this huge email list want to partner with me, not having something on sale at the time, etc)
  • The quality of leads that tend to come through JV webinars
  • Who JV webinars work great for - course creators, service-based business owners, coaches, etc

Tools mentioned in the episode:

  • ConvertKit (or any way to send emails)
  • Demio (or Zoom, or any other place to host your webinars)

About our guest:

Cami Farey is a web design expert, coach, and course creator who teaches ambitious entrepreneurs like you how to create a website that sells, 10x your email list with webinars, and bring your big ideas to life online.

Over the years, she’s had the honor of changing the game for award-winning photographers, coaches, copywriters, healers, designers, and so many more.

To connect with Cami, send her a DM on Instagram @camifarey and check out the resources below:

Free Masterclass: Secrets to a Simple Website That Sells - simplesiteblueprint.com/masterclass
Free Checklist: How to 10x Your Email List with JV Webinars - camillefarey.com/checklist
Cami’s coaching services - camillefarey.com/services


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