221. 3 Steps to Go From Your Dream to Your Team

In this episode, we talk about...

  • How building a team takes entrepreneurship and personal development to another realm completely 
  • Some of the mistakes that can happen when a solopreneur needs the support of a team but makes quick band aid fixes 
  • Common fears and mindset hurdles to overcome 
  • Step 1 - Cast vision for your company - beyond what you currently know (how will the world change when we accomplish what we’re setting out to do? What can i do now with my resources of money, time and knowledge?) 
  • Step 2 - Shape your own role as CEO
  • Step 3 - Identify what support you can immediately bring on

Tools mentioned in the episode:

  • Toggle (time tracker)

About our guest:

Kaylan Thompson is the founder of Joy to Lead, an executive leadership and hiring consultancy. A former CMO for an online marketing agency, she saw firsthand what can happen to small businesses when CEOs lose touch with their vision, burn out in leadership, and place the wrong hires in the wrong seats. Kaylan knows thriving companies are knit together by strong vision, leadership and team-power, and her framework helps CEOs define their role, unlock their leadership style, and put the right people in the right seats. Her mission is to help one million women become the CEO of their own company so they can change the world, not close their doors.


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