223. How to Scale to Consistent $10k months without a Team

In this episode, we talk about...

  • Brandi’s journey to being a six figure entrepreneur through social media ads and her why - to spend more time with her family and in her life! 
  • Step 1: Getting really specific about what services you offer (one or two) and who they are for
  • Step 2: Create and set up your systems. Hint- when you’re doing it without a team, your systems become even more important - be willing to invest in them so your process is streamlined.
  • Step 3: Schedule in your marketing minutes (active vs passive) - finding what works for you out of the many forms of marketing and going all in 
  • Step 4: Elevate your services / brand to optimize your time to income ratio - don’t skip straight to this step, get your basics dialed in first. 
  • How important it is that the first 24 hours of a client relationship are smooth and seamless

Tools mentioned in the episode:

  • Dubsado
  • ClickUp
  • Google Drive
  • Zoom

About our guest:

Brandi started her own service-based business in June 2018 and was able to scale to over six-figures all within her first ten months, without hiring a team or subcontractors. Now she is dedicated to helping other service-based entrepreneurs do the same through her Scale With Symplity Framework. When she isn't nerding out over Facebook ads or systems, You can probably find Brandi at the beach, farmer's market or Disney with her husband and little girl.


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