224. How to Scale your Membership to $1 Million in 20 Months

In this episode, we talk about...

  • Why Krissy decided to go with a recurring revenue model from the get go and how she keeps it fresh for her members at 
  • How Krissy went from a Facebook community, to creating a freebie to build her email list, to earning more than $1 million from her membership platform for essential oil business owners and expanding into international networks
  • Hey juicy original freebie - a bootcamp and checklist for 90 days of income producing activities 
  • Krissy’s network marketing strategy of pricing low and casting a wide net 
  • How understanding her audience super well has been one of her greatest strengths in creating what her people want and consider a no brainer to stay subscribed to

Tools mentioned in the episode:

  • Kajabi 
  • Monday.com
  • Google Drive

About our guest:

Former registered nurse Krissy Chin gained her title as a badass boss babe when she earned 7 figures just 20 months after launching her subscription site for essential oil business owners: GROworkspace. This business model came from Krissy solving her own problems in her business as an effort to save time and work less. With a variety of successful brands under her belt, she now hosts the Badass Is The New Black podcast and has a online program Build A Blissful Business teaches other female boss babes how to leverage social media to grow their following and business online. While she loves all things marketing and sales, her favorite part about business is scaling through automation because that is where the magic happens. After all, her motto is, “work less and enjoy more.” On the weekends you can find her in yoga pants and a messy bun playing with her kids and binge-watching any TV series with her hubby after dark.


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