Episode 003: Lindsay Preston – Journal for More Ease



(08:35) The best time to write
(10:13) The best amount of time to write
(11:30) What to write about when you’re tapped for ideas
(12:38) Writing with pen and paper vs. a computer
(13:30) Benefits of taking things out
(14:58) Setting the habit
(16:20) Emotional and intellectual benefits of life coaching

Writing, in essence, allows you to dump everything out on paper.
— Lindsay Preston




Lindsay is a multi-certified Life Coach who specializes in helping 20 & 30-something women. Her work helps women overcome their blocks so that they can aim their strengths in order to live a life THEY love.

Lindsay overcame a horrible divorce in her late 20s where she discovered her then husband was living a double life with another woman. She suddenly became a heartbroken single Mama who was jobless, depressed and broke. She has her pain fuel her fire for change and she sought out to learn how to create exactly what SHE wanted out of life.

Lindsay is a self-proclaimed Neuroscience Nerd and all of her work is backed by Neuroscience to work for the brain. She’s helped clients with a wide variety of backgrounds from the depressed to the extremely driven to help them take their live to the next level.

Lindsay has several successful online programs including, “The Life Luvers 21 Day Challenge,” Become An Unstoppable Woman,” and “Become Authentically Awesome.” She also works with clients remotely in a private 1 on 1 setting from her cozy home office in the Dallas, TX area.

Her podcast called, Life Luvers Radio, has been featured on the New & Noteworthy list as well as within the Self-Help charts. In her show, she delivers weekly tips on how to create a life YOU love..

She is also a proud Mama of an almost 6-year-old daughter and is a recent newlywed!


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