Episode 009: Christina Edland – Take Charge of Your Financial Future



Introducing Christina Edland Living complacently
When and why Christina took control
Having an open mind
Look at a lot of different opportunities and business models
Surround yourself with key people
Read for personal growth and development
Christina’s best financial investment
Christina’s worst investment

With your phone, you’re always downloading new software. That is what reading is like, downloading new software on your brain.
— Christina Edland




I was born in Austin, TX and moved to Dallas when I was 9 years old. I attended SMU and studied economics with financial applications and am a level III CFA candidate. I have spent the past ten years working in the investment industry and observing the habits of wealthy people. It wasn’t until a year ago I really learned how money works, how wealth is created and how powerful our mind is to help us unleash our talents and abilities to seize our dreams. I teach others how they can have it all (money & time). I’m passionate about helping others elevate what I call their wealth (wealth & wellbeing). I love to read books on personal growth, health and entrepreneurialism. I’m a runner, yogi, ex- pastry chef and pit bull lover! I believe you have greatness within you just waiting to be unleashed!


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