Episode 017: Maura Chamness – Tracking Your Monthly Goals



(1:04) Introducing Maura
(2:00) Life before the monthly goal tracker
(3:43) Maura’s make or break time
(4:40) The Spreadsheet
(16:23) Maura’s best financial investment
(18:58) Maura’s worst investment: course hoarding

It’s my dashboard. I check in with it every day. I keep it on the corner of my desk and it really helps me stay focused on all the one million pieces of things I need to be doing. But it’s here on one page, so we can handle it.
— Maura Chamness




Maura is a product stylist and brand photographer who helps inspired and creative entrepreneurs enhance their online presence with photos that complement the brand they’ve worked hard to build. Through her unique process, she guides them in honing their style to create custom stock and product photography that brings their work to life online. Maura currently lives in Houston, TX with her sassy Schnauzer, Gracie. When she’s not in the studio or trying to tame the prop closet, you can usually find her working on a house project, going to yoga, or celebrating Taco Tuesdays – usually with extra guac and pun-ny Instagram memes.


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