Episode 018: Bri and Thais – Partnering Up in Business



(1:14) Introducing Bri and Thais
(3:05) Business before systems
(4:46) Getting serious about business
(5:50) Being equally committed and always communicating
(8:08) System-making process: having the right conversations
(12:27) Asana (14:00) Weekly CEO meeting
(15:50) Valuing communication: having the tough talks
(19:05) Best financial investment
(22:51) Worst investment: expanding to new cities

If we’re not fully in sync, then our business falters.
— Thais Sky
When you’re in partnership with another person, It’s never going to be rainbows and unicorns all day every day, but the important thing is not what happens, it’s how the two of you come together.
— Bri Seeley




Bri + Thaís are two inspirational leaders In Los Angeles dedicated to radically changing the way creative, ambitious women connect, engage and inspire through their movement The AMPLIFY Collective. Their “un-networking” events are building community, fostering dialogue and powerfully upleveling the way women show up in their life and business throughout the United States. Together, Thais + Bri are a force to be reckoned with and are providing women a powerful space to Be Amplified so they can change the word. You can learn more about their movement and see if they are at a city near you at www.theamplifycollective.com.


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