Episode 030: Jamie Jensen and Erin Lindstrom; Managing Your Client Workflow



(1:14) Who are Jamie and Erin?
(2:52) Same process, new systems
(5:38) Addition of Erin
(8:55) The shift to Teamwork
(12:15) Checks and balances
(14:03) Project management workflow
(15:25) The difference
(18:02) Best financial investment
(18:52) Worst financial investment
(20:53) Finding Jamie and Erin

Client accountability is everything…because they’re also busy business owners.
— Jamie Jensen




Jamie Jensen is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of Your Hot Copy, a digital copywriting agency for entrepreneurs with big hearts and bigger personalities. She’s used the power of the written word to help her clients (and herself) increase their sales by as much as 900%.

To date, Your Hot Copy has worked with over 250 amazing clients (and counting). Prior to creating marketable content for the internet, Jamie was creating marketable content for the big screen. Her indie romantic comedy film Hannah Has a Ho-Phase won her the Best Feature Writer award at the La Femme Film Fest in 2013. Jamie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Storytelling from New York University, and a Master’s in Producing from the University of Southern California. When she’s not whipping words into salesy submission, you can find her twerking up a storm, cracking cheap jokes or making passes at strangers.

Erin (your project manager, word wing woman, and sparkle queen) brings a BA from Northeastern University, a passion for telling stories that make you feel ALL THE FEELS, and a lifetime of reframing shitty situations (and words) into shiny ones.

She spends her days at the playground with her ridiculously cute toddlers, and her nights performing Improv at Push Comedy Theater. Her writing has been featured in Wild Sister Magazine, Elephant Journal, AltDaily, The Huffington Post, and badass businesses all over the ‘net.

Career highlights: Performing a live rap parody on stage (self-written of course), living in Austin, Boston, Savannah, and London, managing a teacher training program in Cape Town, South Africa, coaching women around the globe to share their sparkle, and raking in stories to (one day) share with the world.


Instagram: @yourhotcopy