Episode 042: Nicole Jackson Miller – Using Asana for Launches



(1:20) Introducing Nicole
(2:41) Business before systems
(6:03) Asana
(8:33) Nicole’s need for a process
(12:12) Launch steps
(15:35) Plan plan plan!
(21:48) Best financial investment
(22:38) Worst financial investment
(28:39) Finding Nicole

Every minute you spend planning saves you ten minutes in execution.
— Bryan Tracy
[Planning] is giving you the space in your launch to deal with the fires that are going to happen.
— Jordan Gill




The Project Designer Team is a boutique project management agency that launches projects for superstar entrepreneurs who know their time is better spent on the big picture than the intimate details. The founder, Nicole Jackson, nicknamed “The Project Designer” for her special brand of high-touch, extra supportive management style, is on a mission to show people exactly how happy + fulfilled they can be when they’re playing in their zone of genius (not trying to handle everything at once). From her 10 years of project management experience negotiating deals for major TV networks, overseeing 6- and 7-figure launches online and even orchestrating some of the behind-the-scenes magic of the Beijing Olympics, Nicole has the technical prowess and eagle eye of an industry pro wrapped in a classy, champagne-toasting package. Today she uses her superpowers to arrange high-end launches, train project managers on how to create elegant experiences for their own clients and teach service providers how to manage their business like a CEO.


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