Episode 048: Jaclyn Mullen – Find Creativity with Structure



(:31) Intro–System Saved Me Summit
(1:31) Meeting Jaclyn
(4:00) Importance of structure
(8:12) The perfect storm
(10:36) What needs to change?
(13:06) Balance
(15:17) Use what software works for you
(18:43) Reviewing and knowing your business
(22:05) Priorities
(26:04) Best financial investment
(27:28) Worst financial investment
(29:01) Finding Jaclyn

In the creative space, it’s often like ‘well I want to be very flexible and open with my time’ , but you have to be that manager for your time in order for your art, projects, business, [and] vision to be able to grow and thrive.
— Jaclyn Mullen
Your business needs to be set up so that if you’ re not involved, it can still run
— Jaclyn Mullen
Priorities=Prosperity. If I prioritize [certain] things, I’m going to be more prosperous.
— Jaclyn Mullen


Systems Saved Me Summit
The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron


Jaclyn Mullen, aka “The Jaclyn of All Trades” is a performing artist by trade, and an entrepreneur by experience. For the past 6 years, she’s had the great honor of using the internet to meet other BOLD movers, shakers and multi passionate makers in the world and advise/coach/mentor them on the risky yet rewarding endeavor of launching a brand and business themselves. Her #JustAskJac blog provides actionable yet easy to learn from advice on the topics of digital marketing, work/life balance, bootstrapping a business and more. She has shared this same advice in her classes and workshops—having taught and mentored over 100 entrepreneurs, professionals, and content creators in just this past year alone. She is a proud alumni and scholar of the University of Miami (Go Canes) and the Tory Burch Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program. Jaclyn is also a lead instructor for General Assembly Los Angeles. When she’s not busy teaching, writing, networking or volunteering her time for causes close to her heart in the City of Angels, she can be found singing in her kitchen cooking something delicious for her boyfriend that will likely end up on Instagram.


Social Media: @jaclynmullen