Episode 052: Laci McKinney- Getting Sponsorships for Your Events



(:31) Intro – Systems Saved Me Summit
(1:21) Meeting Laci
(3:03) Blank slate
(4:27) Where it starts
(5:24) The event planning process
(6:55) Budget talk
(7:46) Marketing
(9:40) Event planning takes time
(10:21) Getting people to buy in… early
(12:08) Utilize event participants
(14:09) Sponsorships
(18:31) Additional advice
(22:00) Attendee perspective
(22:48) Tools/software
(24:14) Best financial investment
(25:13) Worst financial investment
(27:11) Finding Laci

If you’re not visible, then you’re not going to get anyone coming to the event.
— Laci McKinney
Think of it as a collaboration more than a sponsorship… Make it mutually beneficial
— Laci McKinney


Systems Saved Me Summit


OBSESSED WITH THE ART OF STORYTELLING, COMPELLING COLLABORATIONS AND WORKING BEYOND YOUR LIMITS. Laci McKinney, a Texas native – a true city girl, started consulting as a PR freelancer in 2013 after working in municipal government where she spent a tremendous part of her efforts supporting community engagement and fostering relationships. She has a true passion for providing an exceptional customer experience. After operating under her name as a PR expert for several years, The People’s Voice PR Agency was founded in August 2016. Fast forwarding to today, she finds herself following the same path in her 9 to 5 with The People’s Voice PR Agency, focusing on the people of the brand and telling their stories to form loyal connections. “My job is to support your vision. I am a problem solver that works in relationship building to multiply your reach and leverage your voice. A passion of mine is to change the way solopreneurs and multilevel organizations communicate. We aim to multiply the quality of solopreneur services and voice them as the missing links of society’s wants and needs. My outcome, to create an open environment where solopreneurs and multilevel organizations problem solve as one.”


The People’s Voice PR Agency