Episode 056: Katie Hunt – Planning Your Events for Success



(:30) Intro – Systems Saved Me Summit
(2:43) Meeting Katie
(4:10) LIVE events
(5:02) Then vs. now
(8:51) Making money
(11:40) :02) Then vs. now
(8:51) Making money
(11:40) Do what works for you
(13:05) Format, Content, Logistics
(16:58) Setting attendees up for success
(21:29) Don’t overwhelm
(23:45) Listen to audience
(24:58) Negotiating
(28:11) Pricing
(30:39) Best financial investment
(32:49) Worst financial investment
(33:48) Finding Katie

There’s no one size fits all. There’s no correct way to do this. You ultimately need to build a program that’s going to fit your audience both from a format and content standpoint.
— Katie Hunt


Systems Saved Me Summit


Katie Hunt is the founder of Tradeshow Bootcamp, a business strategist, and mentor to creative entrepreneurs. She is a firm believer in professional development, surrounding yourself with community and pushing ‘go’ even when you might not feel 100% ready. Katie has taught classes for CreativeLive, The Savvy Experience, Seanwes Conference, Be Sage Conference, Unique Camp, and Makers Nation. She frequently speaks about strategies for creating a product line, selling wholesale, business planning and the importance of community for entrepreneurs. Katie earned a dual MBA in marketing and finance from Loyola Marymount University and has spent the last 16 years coaching large corporations and entrepreneurs on marketing and business development strategies. Her strengths lie in connecting people and bringing ideas to life – brainstorming, making a plan and executing. Katie has a passion for creating, a mind for business and a strong desire to help others succeed.


Social Media: @tradeshowcamp