Episode 074: Joy Martinez; Using Trello With a Strengths-Based Perspective



  • (:31) Intro- System Saved me Summit
  • (.57) Using Trello With a Strengths-Based Perspective
  • (1.45) Meeting Joy Martinez
  • (2.48) About Joy Martinez and her business prospective
  • (4.05) Strength of Trello
  • (8.19)Mindset of consumers approaches
  • (11.54) 34 Talent Themes
  • (14.12) The perspective steps taken for the client
  • (18.10) What Trello looks like
  • (20.43) How Joy do things
  • (20.54) Trello is not for sell
  • (23.31) Business framework
  • (27.58) Best financial Investment
  • (29.10) Worst financial investment
  • (33.02) Finding Joy Martinez
  • (35.13) Outro
You have to know what your processes of doing things are in order to do your things effectively.
— Joy Martinez


Systems Saved Me Summit


Joy Martinez, MBA is a Personal Strengths Empowerment Coach, Owner of StrengthsDNA and The Strong Business Planner, and host of The Strengths Empowered Entrepreneur Podcast. Joy empowers online entrepreneurs to discover, appreciate, leverage, and support their strengths so they can unapologetically be their authentic self, lead with purpose, and create more success, joy, and impact in their business and in the lives of those around them. She provides thought-leadership, coaching, and tips on personal strengths, strengths and personal development, personal brand, leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing, self-mastery, and business success.


You can connect with Joy on social media under @StrengthsDNA and at https://www.strengthsdna.com, https://thestrengthsempoweredentrepreneur.com, and https://thestrongbusinessplanner.com.