Episode 082: Eryn Shields; Take Your Physical Products from Idea to Launch



  • (:31) Intro- System Saved me Summit
  • (2.07) Meeting Eryn
  • (3.08)Eryn and her business
  • (4.14) Sewing pattern development
  • (4.38)The process of getting things done
  • (5.38) Pitching yourself
  • (8.53)Steps of Creating Sewing pattern
  • (13.04) Wait as long as possible
  • (14.29) Supportive community
  • (14.59) Best financial Investment
  • (18.12) Worst financial investment
  • (19.27)Finding Eryn
  • (19.47)Outro
At the time I was trying to be on the digital space where I transition more on to E commerce. There are lots of coaches that don’t know E commerce
— Eryn Shields


Systems Saved Me Summit


Louisiana-bred Eryn Shields inspires and enables women to take back control of their personal style through sewing their own unique and stylish clothing at home. Eryn is the Founder and Owner of Style Sew Me, a do-it-yourself focused fashion blog and online store that provides fashion inspiration for the everyday woman with online sewing classes and workshops, a private collection of home sewing patterns, DIY video tutorials, and valuable resources to enable women to bring their creative style ideas to life. Eryn began sewing during her pregnancy with the intention of making a few maxi dresses to get through her pregnancy. But, she fell in love with sewing and took it up as her hobby. After having her baby, she realized store-bought clothing wasn’t very flattering for her new post-baby body and kept stitching away at her sewing machine, essentially creating a unique wardrobe perfect for her lifestyle and figure. Having found a new love in sewing, not only for the beautiful clothing she’s made, Eryn’s main goal is to motivate women of all shapes, sizes, and colors to carve out some time to feed her creative soul. Eryn currently lives in Dallas, TX with her husband and daughter.