Episode 084: Katie Fitzpatrick; Get to Know Yourself With Human Design



  • (:31) Intro- System Saved me Summit
  • (1.48) Meeting Katie
  • (2.08)Katie and her business
  • (2.41) Human design system
  • (3.41) Client work flow
  • (6.03) Breaking point
  • (10.15) Human design knowledge
  • (12.28) Other types
  • (18.29) Healthy manifesto’s
  • (21.32) Supports to the community
  • (21.55) Personal network
  • (22.40) Best financial investments
  • (25.49) Worst financial investments
  • (29.00) Finding Katie
  • (31.34)Outro
When the environments that feels really good, the support shows itself to the community
— Katie Fitzpatrick


Systems Saved Me Summit


Katie is a Soul Mission Coach for women. She facilitates her work through consulting, teaching, art and writing. She has spent the last decade developing her expertise and skillset in the Human Design system, mindset work, group dynamics and creativity. Her refreshing approach to transformation work is honest, playful, intuitive, and practical. Katie’s love for personal transformation work and community building was born out of the experience of losing both of her parents in her early 20s. Katie realized we are not guaranteed of how many days we get in this life, and decided the only life worth living was the best life ever. This decision led Katie to fly out to Fairfield Iowa, to attend Maharishi University of Management, where she became a personal assistant to Janet Attwood, author of The Passion Test and first began to learn the inner workings of the personal development field. After college, she moved to Asheville NC where she worked as the project manager and video producer at a Boutique PR firm, and was then recruited as the community director to help launch the world’s first ever Self Organized Learning Environment for higher education. Most recently, Katie has spent nearly the last 3 years building a successful VA business for coaches, speakers and healers. By the end of 2016, Katie felt a lifelong call to exclusively do spiritual and creative work get very loud and finally answered. Her new business Katie Fizzy, is part soul mission coaching, part ministry, and part whatever God asks Katie to do.