Episode 093: Adam Urbanski; How to Sell Using a Highly Personalized Systems



  • (:31) Intro- System Saved Me
  • (1.53) Meeting Adam Urbanski
  • (2.24) Adam and his Business
  • (4.03) Adam business and his client business
  • (5.56) Process in place
  • (8.25) Why this is successful
  • (10.26) 3 Strategies
  • (11.04) Fighting Inner Battles
  • (18.12) Good and Bad qualifiers
  • (24.15) Qualified Lead
  • (27.26) Mid funnel offer
  • (27.56) Don’t be afraid
  • (28.51) Lead generators
  • (33.18) Something to send to your potential client
  • (34.53) Case Studies
  • (40.30) Your business your playground
  • (46.46) Just ask for the sale
  • (47.35) Best financial Investments
  • (48.42) Worst financial investments
  • (51.06) Finding Adam
  • (52.22) Outro
Every business will be different. But again your best prospects will come to you.
— Adam Urbanski




Adam arrived in America from Poland with only $194 in his pocket and a limited ability to speak English. Within 10-years he was able to build and sell his first 7-figure empire in the restaurant industry. Then he lost it all. He rebuilt his empire and has consistently stayed on the bleeding edge of market trends and today is the personal coach and mentor to some of the biggest names in the personal and professional development spaces. Adam is a dynamic, intelligent, and playful guest who is passionate beyond measure about touching and transforming people's lives. Over 100,000 coaches, consultants, speakers, experts, online marketers and entrepreneurs world-wide turn to Adam for advice and when he speaks, not only do people listen but they act! While Adam is a highly respected and recognized business guru, he's also willing to shed the armor to be vulnerable with you and your audience. Adam is a devoted husband, father, and Trekkie and will discuss things from a first-hand perspective about the life of a millionaire entrepreneur that most people won't talk about. Adam looks forward to going "Where No Man Has Gone Before" with you and your listeners.