Episode 097: Devon Smiley; How to Structure Your Negotiations



  • (:31) Intro- System Saved me Summit 
  • (0.59) Meeting Devon Smiley
  • (1.29) Devon and her business
  • (2.23) How to help clients
  • (3.30) Time for a change
  • (4.45) Be a process person
  • (5.17) Flexibility when you negotiate
  • (5.34) It’s not just about the money
  • (7.13) Protect your time
  • (7.24) Second Step
  • (8.39) Third Step
  • (10.43) Last Step
  • (13.31) Negotiate new opportunities 
  • (14.22) Power to decide
  • (17.09) Have to get creative
  • (18.41) 8-10 Interactions
  • (22.12) Best financial investments
  • (24.21) Worst financial investments
  • (25.47) Finding Devon
  • (26.23) Outro
Stop feeling afraid that you have no power.
— Devon Smiley




The Negotiation Expert ambitious entrepreneurs call when they're tired of settling in business, Devon's consulting work is informed by over a decade negotiating and advising for Forbes' finest. A firm believer that no one is ever too small to go after what they want, need and deserve in business, her mission is to ensure that entrepreneurs and small business owners have the clarity, confidence and courage they need to make the ask.

With her dynamic style and best-in-class expertise, Devon is a sought after guest expert and keynote speaker at conferences and mastermind retreats. From the stage she not only motivates the audience to embrace negotiation, but also shares negotiation strategies that attendees can put into action immediately.

In addition to her work with entrepreneurs and small business owners, Devon helps corporate clients including JPMorgan Chase, Rolls Royce and Mars Chocolate improve their negotiation capabilities. The impact of negotiation goes far beyond the balance sheet, however; and Devon is honoured to support pro bono partners including The Clinton Foundation, UN Women and God's Love We Deliver.