Episode 099: Katie Fleming; How to Store and Organize Your Photos From Your iPhone



  • (:31) Intro- System Saved me Summit 
  • (1.02) Meeting Katie Fleming 
  • (1.26) Katie and her business
  • (1.53) can you be both mom and business owner?
  • (2.46) Business does have to change
  • (3.05) System that Katie Use
  • (4.36) Follow this system on monthly basis
  • (5.25) Out of side out of mind
  • (6.38) Fastest device
  • (7.29) How do you get those photos?
  • (8.35) Editing
  • (9.06) let it be easy
  • (10.23) Storing your photos
  • (13.14) Photo Book
  • (15.36) Hyper organizing everything
  • (19.11) Best financial investments in business
  • (19.59) Worst financial investments in business
  • (22.35) Finding Katie Fleming
  • (23.25) Outro
You have to learn this lesson, that you are providing service for the money they are giving you
— Katie Fleming




As a serial entrepreneur and a wife and mom to two, Katie has always been about growing her business and income in a way that helps her to stay focused on what matters most, her family! To be the one picking up kiddos in car pool, or going on field trips and to not be tied to a job or a cell phone 24/7. She created $1k Mom™ as a way to help women in the season of motherhood to create income and influence right where they are in a way that frees them up to be the best they can be for all areas of their life. She is the creator and founder of the $1k Mom Business Academy that takes you through the process of designing a business around your expertise and the life you want to live and delivering that business plan and expertise to the world! It's time to make your first $1k online and go beyond! She loves speaking into the lives of other $1k Moms out there at events, through her podcast, her coaching programs and interacting in her free community!